Immunizations Requirements

School Immunizations

  • Immunizations Requirements for Incoming Students 2021- 2022

    All students must have the current “Florida Certificate of Immunization” (DH 680 form) as required by the State of Florida. Some Immunization Certificates can be obtained directly from the Florida Shots website. For immunization review or updates, you can go to your doctor/medical provider or the health department. Remember to take a copy of all immunizations records with you. 

    Parents have a right to exclude their student if immunizations are in conflict with the religious tenets and practices of the child’s parent or guardian. This requires a medical exemption form (issued by the County Health Department) to be submitted to the school registrar.

    Private healthcare provider may grant permanent medical exemption if a child cannot be fully immunized due to medical reasons.

Physical Exam

  • All students entering a Florida public school must have a physical exam. The Department of Health (DH3040) is the preferred form, but a similar form from the doctor’s office (Florida or out-of-state) may be used if it contains a complete review of body systems.

Where can my student get immunizations or a physical exam?

  • Out-of-State Immunizations must be put on a Florida 680 form. This can only be done at the Manatee County Health Department.

    Manatee County Health Department
    Childhood Immunizations are given at no charge. Physical exams are available for a fee. Please call to schedule an appointment. 

    Manatee County Health Department
    410 6th Ave. E. Bradenton
    (941) 748-0747

    Manatee County Rural Health Services
    Call ahead for information regarding appointments & fees. Physical exams and immunizations are available at:

    Lawton Chiles Health Center
    1515 26th Ave. E., Bradenton
    (941) 708-8600

    Parrish R.H.S.
    U.S. 301 & 9th St., Parrish
    (941) 776-4000

    North Manatee Health Center
    5600 Bayshore Rd., Palmetto
    (941) 721-2020

    Myakka Family Health Center
    37220 Glenwood Ave., Myakka City
    (941) 322-6500