Volunteer Connection

How To Volunteer

  • Volunteers must contact the Volunteer Coordinator at the school of their choice to request a volunteer opportunity.  Map of Schools

    Complete a FREE confidential LEVEL I volunteer application via RAPTOR Technologies:

    Volunteer Application - English

    Volunteer Application - Spanish

    All volunteers must read the Volunteer Connection Information Guide before volunteering.

    After completing the confidential application, you will receive an email from donotreply@raptortech.com. The email will confirm the application was received and is currently under review. If approved, you will receive an email titled "Volunteer Approval Application."  If denied, you will receive an email titled “Volunteer Application Denied.”

    Volunteer FAQs

Background Screenings

  • LEVEL I CLEARANCE is required for ALL volunteers interacting with students in a supervised environment, such as classrooms, cafeteria, media center, and daytime field trips. You must be supervised at all times by a school district staff member.

    LEVEL II CLEARANCE is required for ALL volunteers interacting with students in an unsupervised environment, such as day-time field trips with a low staff ratio, overnight field trips, one-to-one mentoring, tutoring, and overnight competitions.

    (Please note: application fees for a Level II fingerprint screening are approximately $80 and are paid by the volunteer. The results are monitored by the Office of Safety & Security for a period of 5 years). In addition, volunteers who complete a Level II screening MUST also complete the district's Level I application. 

    Please contact Deborah Perry-Gambino, Community Engagement Specialist at gambinod@manateeschools.net. for instructions to schedule a level II fingerprint screening.

    NOTE: The School District of Manatee County values student safety and security. Therefore, prior conduct may disqualify a volunteer applicant from the privilege to volunteer.  To meet the required search criteria of Section 943.04351, Florida Statutes, we must conduct a search against your registration information regarding sexual predators and sexual offenders through the Dru Sjodin National Sexual Offender Public Website.

    Accordingly, applicants will not be approved as school volunteers for the following reasons:

    • Convicted of or had adjudication withheld for any felony offense, at any time;
    • Convicted of or had adjudication withheld for any misdemeanor within the past three (3) years;
    • or Any pending criminal charges of a crime that would disqualify the applicant from employment with the School District of Manatee County.

    The School District of Manatee County is subject to laws governing the release of public records, including Florida Statutes Chapter 119.

    Updated June 1, 2024.

Volunteer with Community Partners

Value of Volunteering

  • Community stakeholders, parents, and students play an integral part in the educational development of our students and are vital to the success of our schools. The district recognizes and appreciates all volunteers who take the time to support our schools.  In 2022/23, 8,507 volunteers donated 70,695 hours to our students. This represents over $2,200,000 worth of services donated by the community to our schools! (source: https://independentsector.org/value-of-volunteer-time-2022/)