LIFE Program


    Life Staff

    Roy Shaw, Administrator

    Kathy Robey, Guidance Counselor

    Lynne Boucher, Administrative Assistant

    Steve Motkowicz, Teacher, Horizons Academy

    Gina Pignata, Teacher, Harllee Center

    Referral to Program

    All students must be referred to the program by one or more of the following: - School Guidance Counselor with Administrative permission - School Administration - Truancy - District Child Study - DOP Programs - ESE Child Study Committee

    Student MUST meet LIFE criteria to be accepted into the LIFE program.

    Information : The LIFE Program is an extension of Horizons Academy which services students in need of credit recovery based on the following criteria: - Must be in or entering 3rd year of high school - Behind a grade level - History of truancy - No significant disciplinary history - Credit recovery - Low grade point average (GPA) All students in the Horizons LIFE Program work towards a Standard High School Diploma.

    Students are required to meet the graduation requirements set forth by the State of Florida. These requirements include: - 24 Credits - 2.0 or higher Grade Point Average (GPA) - Passing grades on all standardized tests **All decisions regarding student placement in this or any alternative program are made with the best interest of the student in mind.

    If LIFE is the structured atmosphere that is most conducive to student success, entry into the program will be granted.

    Transportation is NOT provided for LIFE Students.


    1. Referral is made in accordance with the procedures outlined. 

    2. Referral is reviewed by Horizons/LIFE Administration. IEP meetings may be scheduled.

    3. Students who are APPROVED will be contacted by LIFE staff to schedule INTAKE.

    4. Denials will be sent back to the referring individual. ** LIFE staff will not contact the students who have been denied. The individual making the referral will need to follow up with their students who are denied access to LIFE.

    5. Registration for LIFE is by appointment only. Do NOT come to REGISTRATION until you have been given a date and time. Once you have been APPROVED and scheduled for REGISTRATION: - Arrive 10-15 min prior to meeting to fill out paper work. 

    Uniform shirts are required.

    Life program is located at two campuses: Horizons Academy and Harllee Center.

    School Hours Are:

    Monday thru Friday 7:30 AM to 2:25 PM

    Half Days 7:30 AM to 1:00 PM

    Students will complete a whole group session to explain the expectations of LIFE. - Students then complete an individual session to talk more specifically about their individual needs and expectations. *Schedules vary, you will be given the option of which ever program suites you.

    OJT On-The-Job Training

    The Horizons and Harllee LIFE program is scheduled so that students can be employed at different times while completing graduation requirements.

    An OJT program is available to all students that are working. It is our expectation that students earn elective credits through this program when possible. An OJT Coordinator is available to help.