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Welcome to Abel Elementary School

  • Mission Statement:
    The mission of Florine J. Abel Elementary School is to provide an academic environment for our students, families, faculty and staff. Our intentions are to create a safe and loving center for us to share skills and concepts which will help each of us to live more positive and productive lives. Our goals include efforts to implement a student centered, standards based curriculum which will include use of text structure to build comprehension and writing skills, acceleration of student learning, fidelity to programs and ongoing student engagement in the lessons.

    Vision Statement:
    The vision of Florine J. Abel Elementary School is to strive for the highest possible achievement for student success. We are united around the proposition of community and family engagement. We foster a culture of positive collaboration to support one another. We raise our expectations for everyone. We value rigor, student engagement, fidelity to programs and standards based lesson planning.

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