Jessica Lunsford Act

  • The School District of Manatee County and the State of Florida require all contractors/subcontracts to comply with the Jessica Lunsford Act (JLA), which consists of a level II background screening via fingerprinting. Providers, individuals or entities under contract with the School Board of Manatee County that are required to go on school grounds when students are present, must comply with the requirements of the law and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the School Board of Manatee County for any claims made against the School Board related to the failure to comply with Florida Statute Section 1012.465 and Section 1012.32. 

    Click to view JLA Letter and Addendum A.

    If your employees need to be screened, please follow the fingerprinting directions from FieldPrint.

    Vendors with expired or missing badges will not be admitted to school campuses.