• Books in Classroom Libraries can be found by searching the Library Catalog (Destiny) under Academics on our school webpage.  Located in the top navigation bar. 

    Books not found in Destiny but approved reading can be found on our BRE Classroom Library list (click on link below).  This link will be updated weekly until all books have been reviewed. 

    BRE Classroom Library List 1 (Books 1 - 5000) as of 5/1
    BRE Classroom Library List 2 (Books 5001- 10000) as of 5/1
    BRE Classroom Library List 3 (Books 10001 +) as of 5/1 

    Other resource books within the classroom are LLI books.  Please see the attached list of those approved books.
    LLI Blue
    LLI Gold
    LLI Green
    LLI Orange
    LLI Red 

    We need volunteers to help with the process of reviewing our classroom books.  If you are already an approved school volunteer, just come to campus during school hours when you are available and we will direct you to a classroom still needing this process completed.  One, two or more hours is appreciated as this is a timely task.  If you have not applied to be a school volunteer, you can fill out the online form by clicking this link. District Volunteer Form