• Dr. Mona Jain Late Work Policy- 2023-2024

    To be eligible to receive Full Credit for Homework/Assignments/ Projects, students must turn these items in on the assigned due dates.  However, students will have the opportunity to turn in late assignments for partial credit, but these will not be accepted more than 5 school days after their due date. 

    This late policy includes students that receive extra time for assignments.  These students will receive Full Credit when their assignments are turned in by their extended time dates, but they too will not be accepted more than 5 days past the original due date.

    Students that receive Extra Time on long term projects will only receive up to and no more than 5 days of extra time.

    Making up missed class work and homework is entirely the responsibility of the student and the work is due in a period equal to the total number of days absent.  This is true also for suspended students.  It is our policy that homework may be requested for an absence of more than three (3) days; this also includes absence due to suspension.