• 1ˢᵗ Grade Supply List
    1 Package of Expo Markers (Girls Skinny Markers/Boys Fat Markers)
    2 packages of Ticondera pencils
    4 Boxes of Crayons
    6 Glue Sticks
    1 Package of Markers 1 Pencil Box
    2 Wedge Erasers
    1 Scissor
    1 Set of Headphones
    1 Pronged Folder (any Color)
    2 Plastic Non-Pronged Folders (1 red/1 blue)
    1 Three Ring Binder 1 Wide Rule Journal
    2 Primary Lined with Picture Box Journals
    1 Box of Tissues
    2 Disinfectant Wipes
    1 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer
    1 package of Colored Copy Paper-Girls 1 package of White Card Stock-Boys
    1 package of copypaper
    1 box of Ziplock Bags (Girls-Sandwich Size/Boys-Gallon Size)

    •     If any of these donations cause you financial hardship, please contact our 
    counselor, Phyllis
    Morales for assistance.