Athlete Clearance

Athletic Clearance Procedures

  • Every student that participates on an athletic team is required to complete the athletic clearance portal. Each student must complete all information and upload required documents.




    1. Pick the State of Florida

    2. Create an account using your email and a password.

    3. Pick the year 23-24, pick Palmetto High and then all the sports in which the student will participate.

    4. You must know your student ID number.

    5. Complete student section and please use student email.

    6. Complete parent section and emergency contact information.

    7. Complete medical questionnaire and, if yes, you will need to complete the explanation.

    8. The next section is the signature page, click on paperclip, read document, and acknowledge with signature. You can print the insurance form at this time.

    9. The signature must be the same as the name on student and parent page. Example: if you typed name in all caps, it must be all caps in signature box.

    10. Students and parents must click and sign all five EL3 forms.

    11. The file section is where you up-load the fourth page of the Physical (EL2)

    12. The student will then view three videos on NFHS, which requires you to create an account.

    a. FHSAA Concussion Video
    b. FHSAA Heat Illness Video
    c. FHSAA Sudden Cardiac Arrest Video Certificate

    13. Upload the certificates to your portal page.

    14. Submit your Completed registration.

    15. You will either be contacted that you are clear, or you are missing something, which will result in a denial email.



    How do I pay for insurance?
    You will be able to pay for athletic fee/insurance several ways:

    1. Fall sports- July 24th, 6pm to 8pm in the auditorium
    2. Winter and Spring Sports- October 9th 5:30pm to 7pm in the auditorium
    3. Pay online at:
    4. Parents can drop off the completed form and payment to the front office during school hours.
    Attn: Coach Wilkes with Name and student email.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I already gave the paperwork to the coach; do I still need to enter and create a portal?
    Yes, for the coach or athletic director to enter your paperwork, a portal is necessary.

    Do I have to create a portal for my student to play?
    Yes, the portal allows the student to on a roster.

    Do I have to pay for insurance if I have private insurance?
    Yes, it is a supplemental policy, and the student athlete also receives an all-sports pass.

    Do I have to pay the athletic/insurance fee for each sport?
    No, it is a one-time academic year fee. You will have to purchase again the following academic year.

    What is an all sports pass?
    It allows the student to go to any regular season athletic event, with no additional cost.

    Do I need to complete the NFHS courses, concussion, heat-illness, and cardiac arrest?
    Yes, this is a Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) directive.

    If I click on an additional sport, do I have to go out for that sport?
    No, you do not.

    If you have any questions or issues, you may contact coach Wilkes at or 941.723.4848 ext. 34005