September 14- SAC, Title l Annual and Parent University Meetings 5:00-6:00

    November 10th- SAC meeting 5:30

    December 8th SAC meeting 5:30

    January 12th SAC meeting 5:30 Cancelled

    February 16th SAC meeting 5:30PM (Literacy Night will follow.)

    March 21st  SAC meeting 5:30

    April 13th SAC meeting 5:30

  • School Advisory Council and Improvement Plan


    What is a school Advisory Council (SAC)?

    Each school in the State of Florida must have a School Advisory Council (SAC). By law, each SAC must be composed of the principal and an “appropriately balanced” number of “stakeholders.” This team of people representing various segments of the community could include parents, teachers, students, administrators, support staff, business/industry people and other interested community members.

    The purpose of a SAC is to assist in the preparation and evaluation of the results of the School Improvement Plan, assist in guiding the school toward continuous improvement, and assist the principal with the annual school budget. Additionally, SAC receives funds to be used at the discretion of the council. A portion of the money should be used for implementing the school improvement plan. Funding for use by SAC should be allocated directly to the council, should be clearly earmarked for their use and is not subject to override by the principal or interim approvals by school district staff. These funds may be expended only on programs or projects selected by the council, not school capital improvements.

    What is a school Improvement Plan (SIP)?

    Under Florida Law, schools are required to submit School Improvement Plans for approval by the School Board. These plans detail a school's goals related to increasing student achievement. They also include information about the strategies and resources that will be utilized to attain these goals. You will find the Manatee Elementary School Improvement Plans that have been approved by the Manatee County School Board listed to the right.

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