• Starting today, Daughtrey Elementary is kicking off an important fundraiser for staff with Kind Cotton. Kind Cotton is a local, Bradenton-based apparel company started by Kaitlin Johnstone, a Sarasota County Kindergarten teacher and her husband Kevin. Kind Cotton sells clothing with messages on them to encourage kindness and empathy. The best part? Every item they sell, puts a book in the hands of a child! To date, they have donated over 30,000 books to children all over the US. 
    All money raised from this fundraiser will help fund a Books and Blankets event that Kind Cotton is holding for us on Unity Day. Every one of our students will be receiving a book centered around kindness as well as a blanket to take home!
    We are so excited for this fundraiser. All items ordered can either be delivered to school, or directly to your home, so please feel free to share the link on social media, so your friends and family can support this fundraiser too!
    The link to our school fundraiser is below.  Please note, if you purchase from the main website only (outside of this collection), let Kind Cotton know by writing a note on the order when you check out.
    We also encourage you to grab your Unity Day gear!! The fundraiser runs from now until September 17th. All items will ship by early to mid October, 2022.