• The school hours are 8:25AM - 3:15PM. (VPK half day students are dismissed at 11:30AM.)

    Students that are not in the classroom by the 8:25 bell are considered tardy.



    Please observe the following rules during drop-off and pick-up:



    Please have all students stay in THE car until the 8:00 bell rings.


    1. The drop off and pick up car line is on the east side of the school, off Prospect Rd.

    DO NOT use the front of the school for drop off, this is for our BUS and VE/IND Students ONLY.


    1. In the car line, have your child READY to exit your vehicle from the PASSENGER SIDE with backpacks in hand.


    1. Always pull up to the very first open gate, follow instructions and requests by school personnel who are outside during arrival and dismissal.


    1. DO NOT drive around the line to park your vehicle, and let students out, or walk your student. If you need to come to the office, please drop your student off in the car rider line, and then park your car.


    1. All children walking, being walked or riding bikes, must cross the street at locations with the cross guard, and stay on the sidewalk at all times.


    1. Hang your car tag daily from your vehicle’s rearview mirror with the names of the student (s) you are picking up, visible to staff.


    1. For dismissal, begin to form three (3) rows of cars in the designated right-hand lanes by joining the line that is the shortest. At Dismissal all cars should stop at the stop sign nearest the school until told to proceed by the designated Kinnan staff member, standing at this location.


    1. Do not get out of your vehicle. Do not park to pick up your child. Students will not be dismissed if parents are not in their cars.


    1. If your child is a walker, meet them by the bike cage in the front of the school, stay on the sidewalk and use the crossing guard locations.


    1. Please do not use your cell phone while dropping off or picking up. This is not safe for students or staff.


    Thank you for your cooperation with keeping our students and staff safe!