Cambridge AICE Parent Alliance (CAPA)

    To create an Cambridge AICE Parent Alliance (CAPA) that will work with stakeholders to assist with recruiting students, supporting staff with student achievement, and volunteering for events that improve the quality of education.
    • Objective 1: To educate and inform the students and parents of Manatee County about the benefits of the AICE program that is solely at Palmetto High School
    • Objective 2: To assist and facilitate the organizational, financial, and supportive needs of the AICE program and other academic aspects of Palmetto High School.

    Please join the CAPA Facebook page in order to receive up-to-date information.


    School Liaison/AICE Co-Coordinator: Jennnifer Little
    (941) 723-4848 EXT. 34002 /

    CAPA Parent Facilitator: Rachel Kendzior