Library/Media Center

  • Destiny Discover is our library's online catalog.

    You can search for specific books, or browse by topic, reading level, interest level, or reading program. 

    You can see what's new and what's available. 

    Impress Mrs. Lemke and come to the library prepared with the titles and call numbers of books you'd like to find!

Destiny Discover Tutorial

  • Destiny Discover has an app! 

    Download the app today so you can:

    • search the library catalog from your favorite device
    • check your library account to see what you have borrowed 

    Here is what the app looks like:

    Destiny Discover App Image

  • The library is not just full of books.  We have many ways for students to enjoy quality content online.

    Throughout the year, students will enjoy online read alouds from Storyline Online, Ryan & Craig, and Toadstools & Fairy Dust.  

    3rd - 5th grade students will also have access to an educational podcast series called Smash Boom Best, as well as select episodes of Tumble,  Forever Ago, and But Why?

    2nd grade students will have an introduction to podcasts using the Julie's Library podcast series.

    For student learning, inspiration, and enjoyment, the media center will also feature teacher selections including:

    • Select episodes from Jelle's Marble Runs
    • Point-of-view video experiences such as nature walks, roller coasters, train rides, etc. 
    • Educational online/virtual field trips
    • Student-appropriate, ambient music/visual videos (no lyrics or inappropriate imagery)
    • Tutorial videos for drawing, chess, checkers, and other math/strategy related board games
    • Compilation CDs at listening centers including unique instruments, nature sounds, and non-lyric music from around the world 
    • Chrome Music Lab

    The goal in the media center is to provide access or visibility to quality content that is well-thought-out, purposeful to our lessons or student interest, and models responsible use of online resources.