Sugg Dress Code

  • Uniform shirts and sweatshirts may be purchased in the main office.  (T-shirts $5, sweatshirts $20)

    Sugg Middle School students are required to wear a mandatory uniform shirt, including the Sugg Middle School T-Shirt in the colors of navy blue, white, dark gray, royal blue or black.  School uniform shirts must be size appropriate.  Pants and must fit properly, should cover all underwear and should maintain decency.  No pants that are ripped, torn or with holes above the knee should be worn.  Edges should be hemmed.  Jumpers and overalls must be worn with both straps on the shoulder.  Spandex is not allowed.  Shorts and skirts should not be shorted than the longest fingertip length.  Undergarments must not be visible.  All clothing must be hemmed and may not be frayed.  No pajamas are allowed.  Students must wear appropriate uniform shirts under jackets and sweatshirts.  Jackets or sweatshirts that are not part of the Sugg Middle School uniform must be unzipped half-way in order the see the Sugg uniform shirt.

    sugg shirt