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  • Through our programs, we link the world of education with the world of work. Our 400+ teachers and staff provide leadership, support, and resources to prepare students with the necessary technical skills, student leadership, career focus, and academic excellence needed to succeed in both careers and post-secondary education while meeting and exceeding local workforce needs.

    Our students, teachers, and staff have gained a local, regional, national, and international reputation as one of the best career and technical education programs in the nation.

    Admission to Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs is open to students with limited English proficiency. Limited English proficiency is not a barrier to participation in CTE programs.


  • Professional Support Center
    2501 63rd Avenue East
    Bradenton, FL 34203

    Dr. Paul Gansemer
    Executive Director
    Adult, Career and Technical Education (ACT)
    Manatee Technical College (MTC)
    941-751-6550 x43206

    Kelli Kennedy
    Assistant Director
    Career and Technical Education
    941-751-6550 x43054

    Barbara Krafve
    Administrative Secretary
    941-751-6550 x43373

    Leonardo Ramirez Gamboa
    Fiscal Specialist
    941-751-6550 x43058

    Quentin Waid
    Jr. Accountant
    941-751-6550 x43051

    Erin Koerper-Novarro
    Career Pathways Coordinator
    941-751-6550 x43090

    Christy Clark
    Work-Based Learning, TOA
    941-751-6550 x43027  

    Alisa Miraglia
    Vocational Rehab Employment Specialist
    941-751-6550 x43236

    Debra Morse
    Vocational Rehab Employment Specialist
    941-751-6550 x43032