Clinic Information

  • School Enrollment Requirements

    All students must have Florida Physical (DH 3040) and Florida Immunization Certificate (DH 680) forms on file with the school. Please visit the School Immunizations page for more information.


    Clinic Information

    Our school clinic is available for students who become ill or who get injured during the school day.  When a student visits the clinic, a nurse will assess the situation and then determine whether the student needs to go home.  If you are contacted by the clinic to pick up your child from school due to illness, injury, or possible communicable disease, you need to make arrangements to pick up your child within a reasonable amount of time.  School clinics do not have adequate space to retain sick and injured children who need to go home or be seen by a doctor.  Children should be fever free for 24 hours (without fever medication) before returning to school.  Under some circumstances, a student may be treated by the nurse and then returned to class.

    Every time a student visits the clinic, a “clinic pass” is filled out by the sending adult and then completed by the staff member working in the clinic.  A copy of this “clinic pass” is sent home that day with the student.  In many cases, our clinic nurse will call the parent to report an incident.

    The telephone number for the McNeal Elementary School clinic is 751-8165, extension 64016.

    Please remember that our clinic is for our kids who become sick “at school.”  If your child is sick before school begins, please do not send him or her to school.  We do not have the space or the staff to take care of sick children for an extended period of time...and, we certainly don’t want to spread any germs!

    Administration of Medication

    We recognize that in some cases, students will need to take prescribed medication at school.  It is essential for a student to take prescribed medication at school. The following guidelines must be followed:

    * All medications administered at school must have a doctor’s order.

    * The medication will be supplied by the parent or guardian in a child-proof container, bearing the prescription, child’s name, attending physician’s name, the name of the medication, the dosage and frequency of administration.

    * A medical provider & parents or guardians will fill out the medication authorization form before any medication is administered. The approved medication authorization form must be signed by both the parent and the physician. 

    * The parent and/or physician should make school personnel aware, in writing, of symptoms or possible reactions relating to the medication.

    * No medicine for acute or contagious illness should be administered at school.  Under these circumstances, a student should not be at school.

    * Children are not allowed to transport medication.  A parent or designated adult must bring the medication to school and sign it in with the nurse.  We cannot accept any medication without a doctor’s order.


    Health Screenings

    Health screenings are conducted, such as vision, hearing, speech/language, dental, height/weight/BMI, blood pressure, nursing assessment to identify possible communicable diseases and other risks to a student’s health. After any health screening, a record of the results will be sent home with the child. In the event that medical follow-up is required, a Referral Letter will also be sent home with the child. Referral letters do require a medical exam, a physician’s signature and to be returned to the clinic for review by the school nurse. The school nurse can provide assistance with finding providers or resources for care.