• Uniforms

    Collar/polo type shirts – red, navy blue, or white

    Prine Uniform t-shirts – red, navy blue, or gray

    Pants-Khaki, navy blue, black or plain blue denim jeans (no cargo pockets, holes, jewels) skirts, skorts, jumpers (leggings, tights, and long sleeve t-shirts worn underneath other clothes must be solid uniform colors) etc.

    School uniform shirts must be worn over light jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, or sweaters.

    Crocs are not permitted except on identified dress-down days for qualifying students.

    No flip-flops, backless sandals, or backless shoes.

    Our uniform policy is mandatory, and it is expected that all students will wear the school uniform on a daily basis. Parents are responsible for enforcing Prine’s Uniform Policy.