• All students who are car riders should be picked up in the car line area at Nolan Middle School.  Please pull forward to the next available spot before your child jumps into the car.  Supervision is provided until 4:40 PM, so please make sure you pick your child up by this time.

    Also, no parent should pick up their child in the staff and handicapped area unless they have a prior arranged special need by the Principal.  

    McNeal Elementary is not a Nolan Middle School pickup area.  Please do not have your child walk from Nolan Middle School to McNeal Elementary's parking lot as this creates a safety issue.

    All walkers will exit out the front of the building, which is on the north side.  They will then proceed to the sidewalk that heads east or the sidewalk that heads west to walk home.  Safety is a priority.  Students are not permitted to exit from the south side of the building. This area is our bus area. 

    Bike riders will also follow the walker procedures after getting their bikes from the bike rack.