•      First known as "Elementary School G", William H. Bashaw Elementary School opened in August of 1985. Bashaw Elementary was the first school in a decade to not follow the "open pod" concept. Instead the school has five separate buildings linked by covered walkways.  Tom Walker, opened Bashaw as its first principal with 470 students. Students came from Oneco, Wakeland, Abel, and Manatee Elementary schools.

         Dr. William H. Bashaw is a native of Gainesville, Florida. Prior to moving to Bradenton, Dr. Bashaw taught and was an athletic coach at the University of Florida laboratory school, P.K. Younge. He was hired as the Assistant Finance Officer in 1962 and was appointed Assistant Superintendent by J. Hartley Blackburn in 1968, becoming Superintendent of Schools in 1970. Dr. Bashaw retired in June of 1983.

         Dr. Bashaw began his tenure during the turbulent days of segregation and is noted for restoring calm to the district during that era. He also oversaw a period of rapid growth and major construction projects, including seven new schools and major renovations to several elementary schools. This included purchasing he land that eventually would be named after him.  School Board members praised him for his ability to work well with people and his close attention to budgetary matters. 

        We all mourn his passing on February 9, 2019. Until this time Dr. Bashaw still attended school functions and proudly supported our students and staff.  We will strive to continue his legacy of teaching our students the importance of life-long learning.    

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    Principal’s of Bashaw Elementary

    Mr. Tom Walker,  Aug. 1985 - June 1992

    Mr. Tim Kolbe,  July 1992 - Feb. 1998

    Mrs. Minnie King,  Feb. 1998 - June 2009

    Dr. Ron Hirst,  July 2009 - Oct. 2010

    Mr. Joshua Bennett,  Oct. 2010 - June 2019

    Mr. Mario Mendoza, July 2019 - June 2021

    Mr. James Dougherty III, - July 2021 - present

  • Dr. Bashaw