Campus Security

  • The safety of our students, staff and campus visitors is a significant priority at McNeal Elementary School.  Please join us in our vigilance… here is how you can do your part:

    Any adult who joins us on campus, for any reason during the student day, MUST register and have their driver’s license scanned at the school office.  No adult is allowed on campus without proper identification.  Once your state photo identification has been scanned once, that will be sufficient for the remainder of the school year.  The system reviews your status each time you sign in as a visitor or a volunteer.

    Please use the visitor parking lot on the south side of the campus.  The west parking lot is reserved for staff members, and it is against policy for visitors to be parked in the bus loop.  I think this may change next year?

    All of our gates and doors will be secured throughout the students' day.  When you arrive on campus, please enter through the front office doors.  Someone from our staff will be there to greet you with a welcoming smile!

    We welcome our families to bring their younger children to school for events such as lunch with your child, PTO functions or programs in the auditorium.  Please know, that it is not appropriate to have younger siblings accompanying a parent while the parent is on campus to work in a classroom, help with P.E. activities, or volunteer with school-aged children.

    Please be sure to leave all pets at home during visits to our school.  Although we love animals and believe they have a place in all of our children’s lives, we do have some individuals on our campus who have allergies that are triggered by certain animals.  For their safety, we do prohibit animals on our campus.