Bring Your Own Device

  • Braden River’s BYOD and Technology Expectation and Usage Policy

    As new technologies change the world in which we live, they also provide many new and positive educational benefits for classroom instruction. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) encourages students to bring their own technology devices to school to assist their learning experiences. This document provides the expectations of Braden River in regards to technology use at school. Please note that students who cannot bring in outside technology will be able to access and utilize the school’s equipment. No student will be left out of our instruction.

    The only internet permitted is our BRMS guest network, unless otherwise directed by the teacher. Hot spots or any internet access other than Manatee Guest are NOT permitted to be used at any time. BRMS’s network filters will be applied to one's connection to the internet and any attempt to bypass them or infect the network program designed to damage, alter, destroy, or provide access (hacking) to unauthorized data or information is in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy and will result in disciplinary actions.

    Security and Damages
    Responsibility to keep the device secure rests with the individual owner. The School District of Manatee County is not liable for any device stolen or damaged on campus. If a device is stolen or damaged, it will be handled through the administrative office similar to other personal artifacts that are impacted in similar situations. It is recommended that skins (decals) and other custom touches be used to physically identify your device from others. Additionally, protective cases and security codes are encouraged. The student takes full responsibility for his or her technology device. The school is not responsible for the security of student-owned technology.

    Technology Student Agreement
    The use of technology to provide educational material is not a necessity, but a privilege. A student does not have the right to use his or her laptop, cell phone or other electronic device while at school except in the approved class. When abused, privileges will be taken away. When respected, they will benefit the learning environment as a whole.

    • The technology must be turned off while on school campuses and while riding school buses unless instructed to turn it on by a teacher.
    • Devices may not be used in the bathrooms at any time.
    • The technology may not be used to cheat on assignments or tests, or for non-instructional purposes.
    • The student accesses only files on the computer or internet sites which are relevant to the classroom curriculum.
    • Printing from personal devices is not possible at school.
    • The student complies with teachers' request to shut down the computer or close the screen.
    • The school district has the right to collect and examine any device that is suspected of causing problems or was the source of an attack or virus infection.
    • No texting, no photos/videos, and no social media unless approved by the teacher for instruction.
    • If there is approved use in the classroom, devices must be turned off before leaving that classroom.   
    • Phones are not allowed to be out during passing periods (between classes).
    • External or portable speakers are not permitted at anytime.
    • Understand that any of the above violations are unethical and may result in the loss of my network and/or laptop privileges as well as other disciplinary action.

    Technology Parent Agreement
    My child will be subject to discipline for texting during the school day without teacher permission. I also understand that if my child is sick, he/she MUST go to the clinic to call home. As the parent / guardian of this student, I understand that although my child’s teacher will encourage and enforce proper device usage of technology, it is my responsibility to check time stamps and social media usage to assure that my child is correctly using their equipment and time in school. In the event I need to contact my child during school hours, I will use proper procedures, and call the administrative office to get a message to them.   


    Cell Phones & Electronic Devices Misuse

    1st Offense - Device will be put in the front office for parent pick up

    2nd Offense - Device will be put in the front office for parent pick up

    3rd Offense - Device will be put in the front office for parent pick up / Plus 1 day ISS

    4th Offense - Device will be put in the front office for parent pick up / Plus 3 days ISS

    ***Any student who refuses to hand over any electronic device will be considered acting in defiance of authority and will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

    ***It is the responsibility of the student to notify the parent and arrange for device pick up.

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