Renaissance Program

  • What is Renaissance?

    The Jostens Renaissance Program is a reward program for students who work to challenge themselves academically while also demonstrating respectful behavior.



    If you have earned a 3.3 grade point average (GPA) or higher on your most recent report card, you are eligible for Renaissance Rewards. In addition, The High Five Club is still part of this year's program. This designation is for students who may not quite reach the 3.3 GPA requirement, but have shown significant improvement from one marking period to the next, resulting in a raise of their GPA by 0.5 or higher (GPA above a 2.0).

    Renaissance cards are awarded to students approximately two weeks after report cards are issued. 6th grade students are not eligible until the end of first quarter. 7th and 8th grade students who attended BRMS last year and have earned Renaissance for the fourth quarter will receive their reward cards at the start of the new school year.



    With your Renaissance card, you are entitled to the following rewards:

    • Attend quarterly reward activities and other special Renaissance privileges as they are planned
    • Eat outside with up to 2 friends at lunch (card signed by adult lunchroom supervisor)

    When you get your card, be sure to protect it! You will need to show it to staff members in order to receive these benefits.