• BRMS clinic strives to provide the best care for our students in the event of illness or injury while on campus. Our practice is to promote good health and well-being for the community. This page provides information and links to achieving this goal. Please contact us with any questions or for clarification.

    We have several practices and policies in place to work with parents/guardians and students in managing chronic conditions and care for individual needs.
    Please complete your child’s Medical/Health form to include all conditions and allergies, even if they were reported in earlier years. All parents/guardians are encouraged to update the clinic on any changes to their student’s Annual Student Medical/Health Information Form throughout the school year. We strive to keep all records accurate for delivery of the best possible individualized care for our students.

    Students who have a history of severe allergic reactions and asthma attacks may self-medicate in school if they have a current written prescription from their physician stating they may and carry the medication on their person. The two forms necessary for students to carry their own medication on campus are Medication Authorization and Self Carry Authorization.

    Students with diabetes have additional options for the management of their condition consistent with their Physician's orders. The Diabetic Medical Management Authorization, and if the student will carry any supplies or emergency medication, the Self Carry Authorization.

    Students requiring medications while on campus require a completed Medication Authorization Form for the specific prescription or OTC (over– the-counter/not prescription) medication filled out and signed by your physician

    Students requiring medical treatment will need an order for treatment, limitations, or equipment the child will need.

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  • Your student will receive an Emergency Contact card the first week of school. Please fill this card out, sign it, and return it to school as soon as possible. In the event of an emergency every attempt will be made to contact you. Please register on your student's bio form all the names of family members or friends that you feel comfortable sending your student home with in the event that you can not be reached.

    This form stays in the clinic. It is important that it is returned during the first week of school. If you are called to pick up your child from the clinic you must present your ID for the student to be released to you. Your student will not be released to a person not listed on the bio form. The person picking up the student from the clinic must be at least 18 years of age.

    Please read document below regarding protocol for medications to be administered at school. The two exceptions are an Epi Pen and an Asthma Inhaler. These may be carried by students ONLY with the proper documentation by their Physician. No student may carry any medication on campus including cough drops. This is a county-wide policy. 

    The form is to be filled out by the student's Physician. It is necessary that each medication be filled out on a separate form. Prescription medication as well as over the counter medication must have the form filled out. The bottom of the form has a place for the Parent/guardian to date and sign. No medication will be given out at school unless the medication guidelines are followed.

    Please check with your child's physician, making certain that he/she is up to date with immunizations as required by Florida Statutes and Florida Administrative Codes for admittance in school. If you have concerns feel free to call the clinic.

    Florida Certification of Immunization
    Students entering Middle School must be up to date on all immunizations as shown on the sample 680. These immunizations are mandatory for students to attend a Florida School.   The immunization form is called a 680 and can be completed by the students physician or the health department.