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  • 2020-2021 Sugar Cane VIRTUAL Tryouts
    Virtual Tryout Requirements:

    Must email the following to me at babroskia@manateeschools.net by 5:00 PM on 7/22/20:

    Use this list as a checklist for your final email:

    • Unlisted Youtube link of you completing tryout routine
    • Unlisted Youtube link of your executing- pirouette, toe touch, right and left splits, and dance skill of choice
    • Completed Application Questions
    • Completed written response (2-5 well thought out paragraphs)
    • Signed copy of Sugar Cane Financial expectations
    • Copy of 3rd  Quarter report card
    • Completed MHS required physical packet before you attend your first day of band camp.
    Tryout Routine Tutorials:

    How to Upload Videos to Youtube:

    Application Questions:

    • Name of Dancer:                                                                                                
    • Address:                                                                                             
    • Dancer’s Contact Phone Number:                                                   
    • Current Grade in School:                               
    • Dancer’s Contact E-mail:                                                                                        
    • Parent/Guardian Name:
    • Mailing Address:                                                                                              
    • Parent Contact Number:                                                                                         
    • Parent E-Mail:                                                                                                                        
    Written Response Prompts:
    • New Sugar Canes:
      • What does becoming a Manatee High School Sugar Cane mean to you?  Why do you want to be a part of the team?
    • Returning Sugar Canes:
      • What was the most important thing that I learned last year as a member of the team? What is going to be the thing that I want to improve most in this year?  Why do I want to continue to be a Sugar Cane?
    Requirements for your tryout video:
    • Each video must be an unlisted youtube link titled your first initial and full last name followed by description of what is included.
      • Example: A. Babroski Tryout Routine, A. Babroski Tryout Skills, or A. Babroski Tryout- all elements
    • You may choose to have one or two videos:
      • One Video- routine and skills in one video
      • Two Videos- one for routine and one for skills
    • You must be wearing all black with hair in a slicked back performance bun and no jewelry.
    • Video must clearly show you completing everything and I must be able to see you from head to toe.
    Signed Financial Expectations and 3rd Quarter Report Card:
    • Attached you will find a pdf of financial expectations for you to print and have your parent or guardian sign.
    • Please take a picture of the signed document or scan it and send back the signed copy to me in your tryout email.
    • Screen shot or save and send me your third quarter report card.
    • All Sugar Canes are required to have and maintain a 2.5 GPA


  • Sugar Canes Day and Summer Dance camps!

    For students K - 8th grade, learn new dance techniques and what it takes to be a Sugarcane!

    Click here for dates/details/registration form.




  • Angela Babroski
    (941) 714-7300, ext. 72147