• Johnson K-8 uniform shirts can be purchased through Manatee Apparel. https://manateeapparel.com/johnson_k-8/shop/home
    PYP Students may wear their Johnson uniform shirt, with navy, black, or khaki-colored shorts (length to fingertips), skorts, or pants of the same colors. 
    *Jeans, leggings, bike shorts, and anything outside of the aforementioned, is in violation of our dress code policy. 
    Sweatshirts and Jackets that are not Johnson uniform may be worn if they are a solid color and can be worn unzipped to ensure that the student is wearing a Johnson uniform shirt.  Any sweatshirt or jacket that does not meet this standard must be worn underneath a Johnson uniform shirt.
    MYP Students may wear their Johnson uniform shirt, and district dress code appropriate bottoms. No pants, jeans, skirts, or shirts with tears, holes or rips.