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    Welcome to Southeast High School Academy of Freshman Exploration!


    It is going to be a GREAT year and each of you will grow to be successful lifelong learners!


    Welcome to “Nole Nation”. You are VERY lucky to have chosen a school like Southeast High School.  You are also lucky to have the ability to take the Academy of Freshman Exploration seminar course.  In this course, we will learn how to be better organized, learn valuable computer skills, take great notes, and most importantly, how to help each other LEARN.  This is a special place!  Gone are the days when students didn't want others to know that they were smart or that they worked hard.  We help each other, push each other, and support each other so that we can achieve all our dreams and goals.


    We view this class as a FAMILY.  We may not always get along. We may have differences, but we will ALWAYS care about each other and respect each other.  With that support we ROCK! It doesn't matter what you have done before in school or how good your grades were.  Together, we get to start fresh, with a great attitude, and achieve the ultimate goal in life....TO BE HAPPY.  And that means putting ourselves in the position to accomplish whatever we want in our lives.       


    Remember, throughout your time at Southeast, we will work hard to help you with anything that you need.  We will do our best to discover who YOU are as an individual and will give you the utmost respect.  We always have an open door and encourage our students to talk to us about anything.


    The mission for Southeast High School Academy of Freshman Exploration is to provide 9th grade students with a challenging and nurturing learning environment that ensures a smooth transition to high school and equips them with the necessary knowledge base and skills that enables them to excel throughout high school and beyond.


    Through a challenging and nurturing environment, 9th grade students will experience success on academic, social, and emotional levels. The Academy of Freshman Exploration teachers and leaders will work together to facilitate student growth and achievement. Students will develop into strong advocates for their success as lifelong learners.

    Goals and Objective

    • To increase the 9th grade promotion rate by 5%.
    • To increase the passage rate for all End of Course Examinations by 5%.
    • To encourage virtuous character by decreasing the number of discipline referrals by 10%.
    • To increase the attendance rate by 5%.
    • To increase parent involvement (as indicated by contact logs and academic intervention conference)


    You will take core classes and electives. Students will have many classes to choose from for electives, including Agriscience, business, culinary, JROTC, engineering, digital and video technology, fine and performing arts, world languages, physical education and more. During this year, freshmen will explore their interests and passions while learning about the opportunities in the other four career academies and where they think they will best fit. At the same time, they will gain a number of experiences to help start thinking about life after high school, ensuring they have available options to thrive once they graduate.