• Advancement Via Individual Determination

    What is AVID?

    The AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program is designed to prepare students with the skills needed to be successful in advancing academically at a four-year college or university. AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing students for college. To learn more about AVID, visit https://www.avid.org

    Southeast High School AVID program is a four-year program designated for students who are highly motivated and possess the ability to succeed in high school and college. During this elective course, students are taught study skills, note taking, time management, writing and research skills. The goal of the program is to prepare and immerse students in a college-going culture. To do this, students participate in college and university field-trips, speak with career representatives, establish relationships with site team mentors for guidance and are given resources and assistance with applying for scholarships and colleges.


    What does an AVID Student look like?

    AVID Students

    • Maintain Academic Excellence in College Prep Courses
    • Exhibits Individual Determination and Responsibility
    • Participates in School or Community Activities
    • Plans to Attend College and Pursue a Career


    How do I enroll?

    Positions for the AVID Program are competitive. If you are interested in joining this program, complete a Southeast High School AVID Application. Applications are due for the 2023-2024 school year by March 25 for current students.  Applications are due for incoming Freshman April 1st.

    AVID Application Link 2023-2024

    AVID Teacher Recommendation

    AVID Membership Dues

    Incoming freshman can submit the application by mail or email completed forms to Ms. Mays (AVID Coordinator) or Dr. Smalls (AVID Counselor).

    Completed applications for current students enrolled in grades 9-11 can be turned in to your guidance counselor or emailed to Ms. Mays (AVID Coordinator) or Dr. Smalls (AVID Counselor).


    AVID Staff Directory



    Contact Information

    Craig Page


    AVID Principal


    941-741-3366 Ext. 36026


    Saneik Smalls

    AVID Counselor


    941-741-3366 Ext. 36064


    Kashante Mays


    AVID Coordinator/AVID

    11& 12 Teacher

    941-741-3366 Ext. 36134


    Swenson Anioce

    AVID 9 & 10 Teacher

    941-741-3366 Ext. 36091