• mets logoOur MISSION in the METS Academy is to prepare students to be work ready upon graduation in the Media, the Broadcast Television, Design, Manufacturing and Engineering career industries.

    The METS Academy is fortunate to have the most advanced technology labs that rival colleges and universities. To prepare students to become work ready upon graduation, Southeast High School and the School District of Manatee County have made significant investments in technology and in our physical labs. These labs provide a real world work experience to prepare students for industry.

    In the Engineering Laboratory, students learn state of the art CAD and 3D solid modeling software and then learn how to use 3D Printers, CNC mills, CNC Routers, and CNC Plasma machines to manufacture their products.

    Carbon Fiber 3D Printer3d print layoutcnc plasma rabbit laser engraverwelder

    Our Media Television broadcast program, SETV rivals many university programs and local broadcasting companies.  Students live broadcast sporting event and stream video to any where in the world. Student learn in a state of the art cutting edge broadcast studio.  Students are career ready upon graduation to enter into this career field.

    setv studiofoot broadcastsetv field tvtv-broadcast

    Students work hard on their Engineering and SETV Portfolios all four years in the METS Academy in preparing to be college and career ready. METS Academy students strive to earn the following certifications:

    For Engineering:
    AutoCAD, SolidWorks 3D CAD, WEB development - Adobe Dreamweaver

    For Media & Broadcast Television - SETV:
    Adobe Premiere & Adobe Photoshop

    These certifications with their portfolios enable students to be career and college ready.

    METS Students compete at the regional, state and national levels in both SkillUSA and the Technology Student Association.

    skillusa   technology student association