Volunteer Service/Paid Work Hours Resources

Community Service Overview

  • Before starting a community service project, ensure you've read and understood the guidelines.

    Community Service Guidelines

    Step 1 - Complete the pre-approval process.  

    Download the Service Approval Request Form below and get the supervisor's signature. The supervisor is the person who will be working directly with you during your project.

    Then, get a parent's signature.

    Turn in the pre-approval to Student Services. Please allow 48 hours for processing. Do not begin your project until it has been approved, or your hours will not count towards Bright Futures.  

    Community Service Approval Request Form

    Step 3 - Log your hours and complete the evaluation.

    Download the Volunteer Service Project/Work Time Log and Evaluation Form below.

    Bring the completed form to Student Services. Remember, the evaluation must be filled out to receive Bright Futures hours.

    SDMC Community/Volunteer Service Project/Work Time Log and Evaluation

    What if you are doing community service as part of a group?

    Your sponsor will turn in an approval request for the entire group. The project will be assigned a number.

    When you turn in the Service Log & Evaluation sheet, write the number in the upper right-hand corner of your sheet.

    Community Service Opportunities 

    Angel Tree Toy Shop and Red Kettle Campaign are looking for volunteers. These programs begin in November and go through Christmas Eve. To learn more, visit Manatee County - The Salvation Army Florida.
    Students may also sign up by calling 941-757-5770 or emailing Carolyn.nielsen@uss.salvationarmy.org.
    **Students under the age of 18 must have adult supervision**


Bright Futures Volunteer/Paid Work Hours

  • To be eligible to receive one of the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Awards, students must complete either volunteer service hours or paid work hours.

    Volunteer Service Hours Needed:
    Florida Academic Scholarship - 100 hours
    Florida Medallion Scholarship - 75 hours
    Gold Seal CAPE - 30 hours
    Gold Seal Vocational - 30 hours

    What hours cannot count?
    1. Court-mandated community service.
    2. Service hours where a family member is verifying the completed hours.
    3. An activity where there is no responsible adult on site to evaluate and confirm student performance.
    4. Donations, such as Locks of Love or giving blood.
    5. Participation in a sports team or performance of any kind, unless participation is considered an act of service.

    Paid Work Hours Needed:
    Florida Academic Scholarship - 100 hours
    Florida Medallion Scholarship - 100 hours
    Gold Seal CAPE - 100 hours
    Gold Seal Vocational - 100 hours

    Beginning with the class of 2023, students may now use work hours in lieu of service hours.
    Service and work hours cannot be combined.
    Both work and service hours must be completed with an agency, company, organization, or business where they can be verified.
    Students must be in high school (the summer before 9th grade is acceptable).

    What hours cannot count?
    1. Work hours where a family member is verifying the completed hours.