• Course Request Guidelines

    Please review the Curriculum Guide for general descriptions and prerequisites for course selection.

    Core subject area teachers for English, Math, Science and Social Studies will recommend the next course as aligned with the prerequisites in the Curriculum Guide. 

    Carefully choose six elective classes. Please number them in order of preference. Number 1 being first choice, and Number 6 being the least favorite. Every effort will be made to place students in their top choices. However, please remember Number 6 is a choice and you may be placed in the class, so make sure you are happy with your choices.

    Parents and students must sign the registration form. 

    Courses with an asterisk (*) require teacher approval. These courses typically have a prerequisite or require an application or audition.

    Elective course offerings are subject to change based on enrollment. 

    Requests for schedule changes will ONLY be considered for the following reasons:

    • The student has already earned credit for the course.
    • The student has failed to meet the prerequisite for the course.
    • The student is scheduled for too many or not enough courses.
    • There was a clerical error.

    Still have questions?

    Denise Turner, Registrar 
    941-803-9330 ext. 72502