• Freedom Expectations for students and staff:

    1. S- Self-Control      (Stop, Think, Make the Best Choice)
    2. O- On Task           (Do Your Job)
    3. - Achievement     (Do Your Best)
    4. R- Respect           (You are Responsible for Everything You Say and Do)

    The initial letters of each spell SOAR!

    On the wings of Falcons we will SOAR into the future!

    Student Behavior

    The teachers and staff at Freedom Elementary pride themselves in our character-building program that instructs our students in such qualities as cooperation and effective conflict resolution. We have many positive incentives and feel that it is important for students to accept responsibility for their own actions and that the consequences of these actions result from the choices they, themselves, make. This approach teaches children strategies to use when faced with choices regarding their personal behavior. We believe that each student should respect all teachers and staff; and that staff should understand and respect every student's needs and rights. Freedom also has a series of established procedures for both the classrooms and the common areas. Our experience has shown that these procedures are necessary to establish a successful learning environment. When a student experiences a problem, his or her classroom teacher counsels them individually. If the student exhibits a lack of cooperation, or the behaviors are deemed dangerous or interfering with the opportunities of others, further disciplinary action will be taken. The parent may be contacted for information and assistance. Occasionally a child exhibits behavior that requires the attention of an administrator. In such a case, the parent will be notified in writing in the form of a discipline referral. This must be signed by the parent and returned the next day. The staff, teachers, and parents of Freedom Elementary feel that our students and staff deserve a campus that is safe and secure. Freedom has a zero tolerance policy for threats of violence against any person (child or adult).