Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

  • Please consider the safety of all of our Freedom students when we ask you to cooperate with the following:

    Mornings at Freedom Elementary

    School begins at 8:25. Morning Drop-off begins at 7:50 AM.  Students needing to be on campus before 7:50 AM must be enrolled in our Beyond the Bell Care Program.  Students who ride a school bus or a day care vehicle will be dropped off and escorted to the cafeteria. 

    Parking Areas (For Pre-K Parents or Appointments Only)

    If you choose to park and walk with your child in the morning, you may park in the lot along the front of the building with additional parking on the east side of the building

    Car Rider Drop Off

    Car rider drop off is in the car rider loop. A Freedom staff member or Safety Patrol will unload the children from your car. Please do not leave children unattended or send them to the office before 7:50 AM as there is no supervision available. The front of the school by the office is NOT a drop off area for car riders.

    Afternoons at Freedom

    Afternoon dismissal starts at 3:15 PM when students begin exiting their classrooms.  Students are dismissed in groups: bus/daycare riders, car riders, walkers and Beyond the Bell Care.  Any change in dismissal MUST take place before 2:45 PM, and only the enrolling parent can makes changes.   Students who will be signed out early through the office will need to be picked up by 2:45 PM. Changes in dismissal need to be in writing and given to the teacher in the morning. It is very disruptive to the learning environment when we have to call a classroom to make a dismissal change, and we will do so only with administrative approval.

    Bus and Daycare Riders

    • Parents should receive school bus information from the Transportation Department. Their phone number is 782-1287. Make sure you know the times and locations for both pick up and drop off.
    • Please let your child’s teacher know the bus number or name of day care facility that will be picking up and dropping off. If you change the way your child is going home, please make sure to send in a note to your child’s teacher.

    Car Pick-up

    • We will not release children to parents who walk up to the car rider area.
    • Pull as far forward as you can to the next loading zone, and we will load your child into your car. We will    load multiple cars at one time, and then release loaded cars.  Please do not pull out of order.
    • Pre-K parents may pull up into our “Buckle Up Area” to assist students with seat belts.
    • The system we use requires each car to have identification each day. Cars without the assigned identification tag will be instructed to go to the end of the line and will be assisted once all tagged cars have gone through the line. 
    • Please note that car rider tags remain active year after year. Fees may apply for any replacement tags.

    Walkers & Bike Riders

    • Walkers and bike riders will be dismissed from campus at the 3:15 PM bell
    • State law requires that all bike riders have a helmet

    Thank you very much!

    Dr. Grimes & Mrs. Danowski