Community Service Overview

  • Before you start a community service project, make sure you've read and understood the policy.

    Step 1 - Complete the pre-approval process.  

    Download the Service Approval Request Form and get the supervisor's signature. The supervisor is the person who will be working directly with you during your project.

    Then, get a parent signature.

    Turn in the pre-approval to Student Services. Please allow 48 hours for processing. Do not begin your project until it has been approved, or your hours will not count toward Bright Futures.  

    Step 2 - Log your hours and complete the evaluation.

    Download the Service Log & Evaluation Form.

    Bring the completed form to Student Services. Remember, the evaluation has to be filled out in order to receive Bright Futures hours.

    What happens if you are completing community service as part of a group?

    Your sponsor will turn in an approval request for the entire group. The project will be assigned a number.

    When you turn in the Service Log & Evaluation sheet, just write the number in the upper right-hand corner of your sheet.

    There are no approved group projects, yet - but there will be once school starts!