2024-2025 School Year Registration

  • Elective classes at Bayshore High School

    How to Register for Courses

    1. Review your academic progress and course history.  Open a link to the Focus portal.
    2. Review the elective offerings in the Bayshore Course Catalog.
    3. Ask yourself questions about the elective courses you'd like to take.
      • Is it something I'm interested in?
      • Will I be successful in this course?
      • Will this course help prepare me for what I want to do after high school?
      • Are there any pre-requisites? Do I meet these pre-requisites?
    4. Decide upon exactly six (6) different courses. While you will not be able to get all of your choices, they must be courses you want to take. Rank your choices in order, from first all the way through sixth. 
    5. Register for your classes


    Additional Programs / Offerings

    • AVID
    • AICE
    • Early College / Dual Enrollment
      • Students who qualify via grade point average and test scores will be provided with an opportunity to take early college courses both on the Bayshore campus and at State College of Florida.
      • More information about qualification and registration for spring 2025 courses will occur in the fall semester.
    • Summer Programs
      • Summer Bridge
      • Rapid Credit Recovery at Bayshore High School
        • 9th through 12th grade students, who are credit deficient, are offered an opportunity to recover up to 1 full credit in a 16-day Rapid Recovery online program.  Students who complete the requirements will be awarded academic credits.
        • Dates/Times: June 3 - 27 (M - Th), 8 am - Noon
        • Application Information Coming Soon
      • Driver's Education - Contact Tom Wyar at Lakewood Ranch HS at phone number (941) 727-6100 ext. 32226
      • Guy Harvey Summer Camp Marine Careers - Contact Amber Platowski at phone number (941) 751-6550 ext. 43025 
      • Migrant Summer Camp - Contact Debra Estes at phone number (941) 751-6550 ext. 43277 or Mario Mendoza at phone number (941) 751-6550 ext. 43277
      • Summer Career and Postsecondary Exploration Program - Contact Erin Koerper at phone number (941) 751-70043 ext. 43090