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    The MANATEE VIRTUAL SCHOOL (MVS) is an exciting educational option for eligible students. MVS courses are taught virtually; meaning all courses are taken via the Internet. Typically, MVS serves the following student needs from grades K-12: 
    • Credit Recovery / Drop Out Prevention
    • AP, Advanced and Honors Courses not offered at school
    • Scheduling Conflicts
    • Graduation Requirements for Virtual Class
    • Remediate class size
    • Assist OJT students
    • Offer Home School Options
    • DJJ Students



    MVS serves ELIGIBLE students who reside in Manatee County. Depending on their status, students may enroll as part-time or full-time participants in this program. 


    Types of virtual services:
    PART TIME STUDENTS: For students currently attending a Manatee County school, MVS courses are scheduled during the school day just like any other traditional class. Students are expected to attend their scheduled MVS class (4th period for example) and work on their virtual course exclusively. Students take their virtual classes in the computer lab or media center. All classes will be monitored by a Manatee County teacher. MVS follows the Manatee County School Calendar which means that all courses taken virtually must be completed at the same time as other students taking classes in traditional schools. Students may complete their MVS coursework early in the semester and if time permits, be allowed to register for another virtual course. 

    FULL TIME STUDENTS: These students take their classes at home and are registered as Manatee Virtual School students. Full Time students have the option of participating in their zoned schools extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs. NOTE: All FULL TIME students enrolled in MVS are expected to carry the full six course load as required by the pupil progression plan and participate in all state required assessments. 


    Not every child is eligible to be enrolled as a Full Time Virtual Student, so please review each web page for complete information before withdrawing your child from his/her public school in anticipation of being accepted as a Full Time Manatee Virtual Student.  Therefore, it is imperative that you read the eligibility requirements for any student who is considering admissions in the FULL TIME MVS Program.  Students enrolled in a traditional school setting MUST contact their school's Guidance Counselor for a referral to the program.


    Please go to this link to view the enrollment period for full time students. Part Time and Home School students may choose classes at any time during the year. Please contact your student's school counselor to advise you on this process.