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    The mission of the Business and International Studies academy is to prepare students for career readiness and post- secondary education by developing practical skill sets and obtaining industry certifications for global business applications.

    Goals & Benchmarks

    Goal 1: To increase college and career readiness, 80% of students enrolled in the Business & International Studies Academy will write, plan, and evaluate personal academic plans, featuring a goal-setting component aiming for academic improvement, college / career development, as well as listing future course needs. (4-year plan)

    Goal 2: 85% of Business & International Studies Academy on-campus seniors will complete the senior project field experience in the career path of their choice to include job shadowing, volunteering and/or college visits.

    Goal 3: 80% of Business & International Studies Academy students will be exposed to post-secondary learning opportunities and academy related careers.


    This career focus area is designed to allow students to make connections between the ways they conduct their lives and the events of the global community. It will also develop skills that will equip them for life and for careers in Business Technology, Law Studies, and Foreign Language.

    The Business and International Studies Academy focuses on opening the doors for our students to be future business and international leaders.