Testing at BRHS

  • Upcoming Testing:

    Upcoming Testing:

    February 20th – March 10th – FSA and EOC retakes for any junior or senior in need of a graduation requirement.

    March 22nd – SAT (non-college reportable) for SENIORS needing graduation requirement

    April 12th – SAT (college reportable) All JUNIORS…if you would like to opt-out of taking the SAT, please fill out the attached letter and return to Ms. Toomey by March 24, 2023 (CLICK HERE FOR JR SAT LETTER)

    April 4th- 6th – ACT (non-college reportable) Any JUNIOR or SENIOR needing graduation requirement

    FAST PM: 

    Parents of ninth and tenth graders, you can now view your child’s FAST progress monitoring report online. Visit the testing tab under parents & students on the BRHS website for more information.

    Viewing FAST on Focus

    Viewing Fast on FOCUS - Spanish

    FAQ on FAST Progress Monitoring

    • PSAT (Preliminary SAT) 
      • Wednesday, October 12
      • Free for all 10th grade students on campus, $20 fee for Juniors. 
      • Optional test, not required. 10th grade students choosing to opt-out must submit the opt-out form to the Testing Coordinator by Friday, September 13th

    Testing Coordinator: Ms. Kristen Toomey

    Phone: 941-751-8230 ext. 31075

    Email: toomey2k@manateeschools.net


Important Testing Documents