Dual Enrollment

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    Interested in Dual Enrollment with the State College of Florida (SCF) or the University of South Florida (USF) next year?

    Some important things you MUST do: 

    1. Communication with your BRHS school counselor is vital.  Click on the link below to inform your counselor that you are interested in Dual Enrollment.

    Dual Enrollment Interest Form

    2. Join the 2021-2022 BRHS Dual Enrollment Announcements Page in Schoology to get all the latest information, critical due dates, and resources to assist with the application and course registration process for each partner institutions.

    Schoology Enrollment Code: 787F-SGVM-HCK7J

    3. Check that you meet the initial qualifications for either the University of South Florida or State College of Florida. The chart below lists the minimum GPA and test requirements for the various programs available to Manatee County students.

    4. Register for the PERT at BRHS by February 16, 2021

    Recommended Deadline to complete DE Applications for both SCF and USF is March 1, 2021.

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  • If you have the minimum GPA for the SCF or USF dual enrollment program, the next step will be for your to earn qualifying test scores.  There are three different tests that students can take to earn a qualifying score—the PERT, ACT, or SAT. 

    BRHS will be administering the PERT test during the week of February 22nd.  This is a free, computer-based test and results are available within a few days of the test session.  We recommend students prepare for the PERT test by utilizing the resources on the SCF website below:

    Placement Test Preparation Resources

    To register for the PERT at BRHS, students will need to complete the online form below to indicate which section(s) they want to take and what date they would prefer to test.  The PERT will be given after school and students will receive a confirmation notice when they are assigned to the test date and location.  Students must meet the minimum qualifying scores in both the Reading and Writing sections to qualify for DE English and History courses.

    Dual Enrollment PERT Registration


    Students may also choose to take the SAT or ACT to earn qualifying test scores.  Below are the links to register for either test: 

    SAT Registration

    ACT Registration


    Students are advised to register for either the March or April test dates as soon as possible. 

    Students must send their SAT or ACT score reports directly to SCF or USF. 

    BRHS staff is not permitted to provide this information to either post-secondary institution.

    Please see the chart below for qualifying test scores:


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.