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    Mission Statement

    The Science Technology and Health Academy strives to elevate and maintain student aspirations, to increase achievement, and to prepare learners for post-secondary success through support, technical / hands-on training, and the education necessary to become college or career ready.


    Our Goals

    To increase college and career readiness, 80% of students enrolled in the Science Technology and Health Academy will write, plan, and evaluate personal academic plans, featuring a goal-setting component aiming for academic improvement, college / career development, as well as listing future course needs in the first quarter of 2019.

    To raise and maintain student aspirations, 80% of senior students enrolled in the Science Technology and Health Academy, after completing personal academic plans, will effectively communicate year-long research and field experience regarding career-related topics of concern through the senior project presentation, and will complete a field experience consisting of a job shadow, internship, or industry tour in the fall 2019 semester.

    To increase student achievement, 80% of students in the Science Technology and Health Academy will be able to read, interpret, and perform lab procedures and analyze the results to draw a conclusion by completing at least one lab assignment in class during the 2019-2020 school year.

    To involve stakeholders in the Science Technology and Health Academy, including students, parents, teachers, business partners, administrators, and non-profit community members, stakeholders will  participate in the development and implementation of the academy's mission and SMART goals, including benchmarks which assess the degree to which these goals have been attained.

    To ensure that the Science and Health Academy reflects the demographic mix of the school as a whole, including students with disabilities, gifted students, and English language learners, academy co-leads will work with department chairs, administration and guidance counselors to ensure that all students have opportunities to participate in courses in the Science Technology and Health Academy at representative levels.


    The Science Technology and Academy offers a range of opportunities that prepare students for careers and college after high school, including all PE/Health Department electives, a varied assortment of science classes, and our Agriculture Department. We feature clubs and extracurricular activities for students including the following: FFA, HOSA, American Red Cross, National Honor Society, Varsity Sports, Athletic Training, and Key Club.


     Staff PD

    Science Technology and Health Academy staff members are always working to grow professionally. Through collaborative lesson planning and tours of local industries, we endeavor to understand the needs of our students and our community. Recently, we visited MTC’s health related programs (pictured above) as well as the Manatee Viewing Center in Apollo Beach (pictured below).

    STH Staff PD