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    Kera Hamilton, RN - School Nurse
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    Clinic Goal
    Our goal at the Palm View K-8 clinic is to provide the best possible care for your child in the event of illness or injury while at school and to promote good health and prevention of disease. We have outlined areas where additional documentation is required for the safe management of students with health conditions/concerns. 

    Student Health Cards
    During the beginning of the school year parents will receive a health card for each student. PLEASE FILL THIS OUT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AND RETURN TO THE CLINIC. This information is important for nurses to care for your child during the school day. It is also consent for EMS to transfer your child to a hospital in an emergency. All parents/guardians must keep the information on their student’s annual health card updated throughout the school year as needed. Please call the clinic if there are ANY changes to your student's health conditions or contact information.

    We can provide vision, hearing, height, weight, BMI and scoliosis screenings for kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, and 6th grade students. If you are interested in having your student screened, please contact the school clinic.

    Medication Information
    Many conditions can be treated at school with over-the-counter (OTC) medications. With proper authorization, documentation and signatures, arrangements can be made for over-the-counter medication to be given to students. This may prevent time out of school. To have Prescription or OTC medication administered in school:

    • Physician must complete the Medication Authorization Form .
    • Parent/guardian brings the Prescription/OTC medication to school clinic. No students can transport medications to/from school.
    • Clinic staff will process order and verify medication amount with parent.
    • Unused medications will be returned or destroyed per policy.

    Self-Carry Medication Information
    Some students may be allowed to carry their own emergency medication on themselves during the school day. Forms must be completed, and a parent must bring medications/ forms to clinic before student can self-carry. The two forms necessary for students to carry their own medication on campus are:

    1) Medication Authorization Form (must be completed by a physician)

    2) MCSHS - Contract to Carry and Self-administer form

    Field Trip Medications
    Students requiring medication or medical treatment while on a school field trip require a completed Medication Authorization Form for the specific prescription/OTC medication required. Field trip chaperones will be made aware and trained on the safe administration of medications to specific students per the Medication Authorization Form.