Dual Enrollment

  • The following is information on the various dual enrollment paths that include MTC, SCF, and USF. BEFORE you do anything, request a meeting with your counselor to determine eligibility. Please be specific as to which dual enrollment program you wish to pursue based on your qualifications, interests and future goals. 

    Registration Deadlines:
    Fall – May 15th
    Spring – December 1st

    *Counselors may request earlier deadlines to submit all required paperwork by dates listed above.

  • SCF Logo

    Qualifications: 11th and 12th grade students with 3.0 Unweighted GPA and test scores

    State College of Florida
    SCF Associate in Arts Degree

    1. Apply to SCF
    2. Register for the PERT
    3. Once you receive your PERT scores, please fill out a request to see your Counselor for the Course Approval Form and Early College Program Agreement. Both will need to be reviewed and signed by you and your parent. Review the Planning Guide for options in classes. 
    4. Complete the SCF DE Contract

    Log in credentials (provided in the Welcome Email) and a valid parent email are required to complete the contract.

    • Students may check the status of their contract by visiting the MySCF portal.
    • Contract holds will not be satisfied until qualifying test scores are received.
    • Contracts may take up to 48 business hours to be processed once all parties have submitted their approval.
    1. All students are required to complete an online new student orientation.When you are finished, complete the short quiz, be sure to include your G# so we can remove your orientation hold.

    2. Dual Enrollment course registration How to Register for Courses
      • Provide a detailed schedule to your Counselor as soon as you register for your courses.
    1. Register for textbooks.

  • USF Logo

    Qualifications: 3.5 Weighted GPA
    and test scores

    1. Students complete the online USF “Non Degree Seeking” Application. USF has two semesters for dual enrollment: fall that starts in August and spring that starts in January, please select the correct semester when asked.

    Watch the tutorial on applying as a Non-Degree Student

    1. Dual Enrollment applicants must establish residency by the same process as all applicants, please work with your parents or guardians when filling out the form. All applicants must fill out the RESIDENCY FORM. Fill out all 5 pages, as the state pays for your Dual Enrollment courses and requires this for your tuition. After filling out the Residency Form, applicants must EMAIL it to the Office of the Registrar at asktheregistrar@usf.edu.
    2. Within 24-48 hours after submitting a complete and qualifying application, students will get a “Welcome to USF” email that provides their assigned USF number (U#) and instructions of setting up a USF NetID (email). Students must set up their NetID and USF email immediately. USF communications will only be sent to their USF email account. Activation of Student NetID
    3. Once the NetID is established, students will provide their counselor/administrator their USF U#
    4. Students must comply with the USF Immunization Policy 33-002. Additional information regarding USF Health and Immunization, including instructions on how to submit information online, can be found on the Student Health Services website. Students can submit their health records here: Submit health records or Students can scan and email the Immunization records and any supporting documents as one pdf file to immunization@usf.edu

    Students must complete the Approval Form 1 Counselor/Administrator will complete Approval Form 2.

  • MTC Logo

    Qualifications: 11th and 12th grade students with 2.0 GPA and on track for graduation

    1. Meet with your counselor to determine eligibility
    2. Browse the offered MTC DE programs
    3. Complete paper application and turn into your counselor, then complete online application at manateetech.edu