Welcome Senior Class of 2024!

  • Update 5/15/2024

    Senior Transcript Code: 3B1D430C79AD 

    Update 5/12/2024

    Senior Picnic

    Cap and Gown/Ticket Pick Up Times

    Last name A-F (Counselor Swann): 12:05-12:25
    Last name G-M (Counselor Durshimer): 12:30 -12:50
    Last name N-V (Counselor Lawlor): 12:55-1:15
    Last name W-Z (Counselor Bilak): 1:20-1:40

    Remember all debt must be paid before you will be able to pick up tickets and cap/gown.

    Update 4/15/2024

     Senior Graduation Information

    Graduation Rehearsals - Mandatory to be able to walk

    Dates: Thursday & Friday, May 9th and 10th

    Location: BRHS Baseball Field

    Time: 2:45pm - 4:00pm

    Parking: Student Parking Lot

    Make sure to sign in during rehearsals, so you get credit. Remember these are mandatory and if you do not sign in the assumption is that you were not there, which could put you in jeopardy of walking. Please make sure to sign in.

    Cap and Gown Pick up

    Date: May 13, 2024, Monday

    Distribution will be done by Alpha - Counselors. You will be given time to pick up.

    Location: Mrs. Rouse's Room 605

    Parking: Student Parking Lot Only

    Enter: You will be entering through the back of Building 6  - DO NOT COME THROUGH THE OFFICE OR SCHOOL

    Senior Picnic

    Date: May 13, 2024, Monday

    Location: Behind Building 6 and 7 to Tennis Courts

    Parking: Student Parking Only

    Enter: Walk down the student parking walkway and enter through the back of building 6. NO OTHER AREAS OF CAMPUS ARE AVAILABLE TO STUDENTS DUE TO CLASS BEING IN SESSION.

    Senior Week

    Date: April 29th -May 3rd

    Monday: Career Day
    Tuesday: College Day
    Wednesday: Wear Pink
    Thursday: Throwback (appropriate and in dress code)
    Friday: Finally Done (Senior Gear)

    Senior Activities will be held throughout the day and games and activities during lunch on the patio.

    Graduation Day

    Date: May 14, 2024, Tuesday

    Time: 7:30pm (starting promptly)

    Student Arrival Time (Mandatory): 6:15pm

    Doors Open to Guests with a Ticket Only: 6:30pm

    Ticket Info: 10 Tickets for Each Student (We will not be selling tickets at the gate, and we do not have extra tickets, one single-use ticket is required per person, for guests 2 years of age and older. If a child is under 2 they must sit in their parents' lap, or they will be required to have a ticket. General Admission for all guests; there are no reserved or assigned seats).

    Guest Parking: Parking is free if you park in Pirates parking lots. Outside businesses and individuals will be charging to park if you would prefer. No guests are allowed to park in the player's parking lot, only staff, volunteers, administration and some graduates who must drive themselves, but space is limited. Drop off will be in the player parking lot area, but parents dropping off must continue to leave the parking lot and park in the approved areas. Please see the linked map for Guest Parking areas.


    Banned Items (Items NOT ALLOWED): Confetti cannons for students or guests, bags, Helium Balloons or Bouquets that could obstruct the view of guests, No custom graduation stoles or flags (only approved stoles and cords given by the school can be worn). All items are subject to search.

    Guest Limitations: Guests are only allowed in designated areas that include stands, directly behind the stands and guest restrooms. Guests are not allowed to be in the "Student Staging and Waiting Area". Any guests in this area will be asked to move out of this area. Guests are asked to take pictures outside the stadium as we have to clear the stadium immediately after graduation. Once the ceremony is over, guests are asked to leave the stadium and wait for their graduates outside the stadium. No guests are allowed on the field. Any guests violating these limitations may be asked to leave the stadium.

    Graduate Limitations: No heals of any kind on the field. Please make sure to wear flats or platform-style shoes. Do not leave trash at your seat and take your items with you. No recording and taking photos while waiting to walk, reserve your videos and pictures for the staging and waiting area before and after walking. All students must keep their name card to ensure their name is read correctly when approaching the counselors at the podium. Once you have walked across, you must immediately return to your seat. No noisemakers, no grand displays, no personal items (such as hats, sunglasses, flags or personal stoles) are to be worn when walking across to receive diploma.

    Update 4/8/2024

    Senior Parent Meeting

    Tuesday 4/9/2024

    Location: Online Via Teams

    Time: Starting Promptly 6pm

    Link to Join: https://teams.microsoft.com/l/meetup-join/19%3ameeting_YjE5YjRiOWItODNkZC00YTAxLThkY2QtNzBjY2Y2ZGQ4YjQz%40thread.v2/0?context=%7b%22Tid%22%3a%223505e786-05ea-4778-a94e-216ee458cb34%22%2c%22Oid%22%3a%22bcc05f42-92f7-402f-879d-d83afe0a5e03%22%7d 

    PowerPoint with Information for Meeting - Class of 2024 Parent Meeting Information

    Update 3/10/2024

    Seniors, If you have not paid your Senior Fees, they are past due. These fees are not optional if you plan on walking at graduation. The fees cover your cap and gown as well as diploma cover and graduation items. Please click this link https://manateeschools.revtrak.net/high-schools/braden-river-hs/#/list to pay these fees online. Some important dates for Seniors include Grad Bash on April 19th, Prom on April 12th and Graduation on May 14th at 7:30pm in LECOM Stadium. See Mrs. Rouse on campus if you have questions. Seniors last day will be May 13th and the Final Exam week for seniors will be May 6th - 10th. Cap and Gown pick up will be on May 13th at the Senior Picnic and Mandatory Graduation Rehearsals will be May 9th and 10th at Braden River High. More information will be provided to seniors closer to graduation.

    Update 2/7/2024

    Senior Class Presentation!

    Click Here to get the most up to date information about senior events and graduation!

    Update 2/6/2024

    Attention Seniors!

    Cap and Gown Portraits are available now!

    Deadline to order is Thursday, April 4th

    cap and gown portrait order due april 4th

    Update 1/22/2023

    Check back here regularly for updates on important senior information!











    Thank you to Mrs. Staker, Mr. Kirchberg, and Mr. Kazbour for your help with the interviews and all the time you gave to me and the Senior Class:) 

    Update 11/29/2023

    Cap and Gown Size Submission

    You must submit your cap and gown size before 12/15/2023 in order to receive the correct size. If you do not submit your gown size you will be given a gown that is available which may not fit your height. If you have not filled out this form please do so ASAP. Reminder.......If you do not pay your Senior fee you will not receive your cap and gown or be able to walk at Graduation!!!!! If you need to speak to someone about assistance with paying this fee please reach out to Mrs. Rouse or Mrs. Gonzales. See information below on how to pay your senior fee.


    Make sure to choose Braden River High for your school and include your approximate height and weight.

    Senior Gear Form

    Here is the link to the senior form- as we are still in need of this form by many of you- if you want a specific tshirt/hoodie size, you MUST fill out this form- or you will receive a Large tshirt & hoodie: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=hucFNeoFeEepTiFu5FjLNEJfwLz3ki9Ah53YOv4KXgNUQTBXM1pTUkZYMU4zQlMxQjZYTTRBTkYzSC4u


    Please make sure to check the Scholarship Website for updates. new Scholarships added daily.


    Grad Bash Update

    SENIORS- Don't forget- Grad Bash form is live online at: https://forms.office.com/r/HiujsuxXwm .

    If you are planning on Grad Bash, please bring me a check/money order/cash ASAP (before school, during all lunches, after school) in room 605. The deposit is $80 and the total amount is $160. :) It is an amazing time and experience with your peers and Seniors from all over! 

    Senior Pictures - Final Notice

    SENIORS- IMPORTANT!!! There is only ONE day left to take pictures here at BRHS- it is this Friday, 12/1.

    Also, We are NOT showing that Cady has ANY slots open at their Tampa location before the 12/31 deadline. AGAIN, YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PICTURE TAKEN BY 12/31 TO BE INCLUDED IN THE YEARBOOK. 

    Also, Mrs. Reid is still accepting ad orders (for the yearbook) until the break, but you HAVE to send in an order form and payment (cash or check) to the school and give it to Mrs. Reid, as online ordering is no longer available. 

    Update 10/11/2023

    Important Dates for Seniors

    • Overdue - Cap and Gown size submission - https://gradproinc.com/register/  - You do not need to purchase anything on this site just submit your information including the correct height and weight.
    • 10/13/2023 - 1st Deadline for Senior Fees - Cost $125 (This includes cap and gown, tassel, diploma cover, Senior Gear, yard sign, cost for senior privileges and senior picnic along with other senior class events costs) (this price is subject to increase if paid late)
    • 10/16/2023-10/20/2023 - HOMECOMING WEEK
    • 10/21/2023 - HOMECOMING DANCE
    • 12/31/2023 - 2nd Deadline for Senior Fees - Cost $125 (after this data senior fees will be considered late and will be assessed an additional charge due to a delay in the ability to order items)
    • 12/31/2023 - Deadline to have Senior Pictures taken for yearbook
    • 4/12/2024 - PROM
    • 4/19/2024 - GRAD BASH (limited to 100 students and is based on grades, absences, and discipline) *This is an additional cost outside of Senior Fees
    • 5/14/2023 - Graduation at LECOM field at 7:30PM

    SENIOR FEE Information

    The Senior Fee-payment portal is LIVE. You can go ahead and pay your Senior Fees via the School Website. Go to this link: https://manateeschools.revtrak.net/high-schools/braden-river-hs/#/list and click Senior Fee to pay. If you need assistance with senior fee costs please contact Mrs. Rouse or Mrs. Gonzales to see what is available for assistance as soon as possible.


    Where can your parents find important links and information related to your Senior year and graduation? On the Braden River High Website under Seniors 

    Also, have you checked out the Senior Handbook to make sure you are on track and most of your questions are answered? If not you should visit the BRHS website as well or click on the link provided.



    Make sure you get your yearbook before the price goes up next week. Right now they are $60. The price will go up to $70 Friday, Oct. 13. Order online at www.yearbookforever.com or bring your payment to Mrs. Reid Spears in the library. 

    Seniors, have you taken your senior portrait?
    Do you want your quote in the yearbook? The deadline is Oct. 15 at 11:59 p.m. Use the form to submit your quote: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=hucFNeoFeEepTiFu5FjLNLmY0LJKUYdBrdAzKrs4LstUOTkxSFY3WE1FUzMwVE5aNDRFODZXUklFVi4u
    Last but not least, order your senior dedication for the yearbook soon. The deadline to pay and submit your ad for the yearbook is Nov. 17. Please contact Mrs. Reid Spears with any questions.

    Update 9/19/2023

    Seniors! Click on the following link to view the Senior Assembly information. If you were unable to make it to the assembly or need information on upcoming due dates and amounts, please review this PowerPoint.

    Class of 2024 Assembly Presentation

    Update 8/25/2023

    Seniors, have you scheduled your senior pictures? Don't get left out of the yearbook.


    Go to

    Update 8/25/2023  

    Dear Senior/Senior Parent:


    We hope your senior has gotten off to a great start this school year. There will be many times that BRHS will reach out to you regarding senior specific items and deadlines throughout the school year and this is one of them.


    Now is the time for your senior to turn in their measurements for their cap & gown for graduation. Due to the unique customization of the BRHS gowns requiring longer production time, we need your senior’s measurements to make sure their gown fits perfectly for graduation. The cost of the cap, gown, tassel and medallion is part of the senior package that is collected throughout the year, but GradPro, Inc, the company that manufactures your gown, needs your student’s measurements so they can start production now.


    Please use the QR code below which will take you to www.gradproinc.com. Once at the site, click on the REGISTER icon and select Braden River High School from the drop down screen and enter the required information. Please do not use your student’s school email address when entering the information. GradPro, Inc. is also the “Official Supplier” of other graduation items, including graduation announcements, graduation accessories and class rings and will send you reminders throughout the year with important deadlines. Enter your home address, not the schools, as several items are shipped to your home. As a reminder, all caps & gowns ship to the school and are handed out by the school the week of graduation.


    The deadline to get your student’s measurements in is Friday, September 15th. If we do not receive your student’s measurements by then, we will do our best to have their size, but there is no guarantee. We look forward to you taking care of this in a timely matter.


    Thanks and we look forward to a wonderful senior year!


    Update 8/23/2023

    If you are interested in joining the Senior Advisory Board, you can fill out the attached application. If you are already a part of SAB, you do NOT need to submit another application. Applications, along with teacher recommendation(s), will be due Friday, September 1st. No LATE applications will be accepted. 

    You can pick up an application with Mrs. Rouse in room 605 or print the form out attached to this update:) 

    As a board member, you will attend meetings regularly unless excused beforehand by Mrs. Rouse; You will act as ambassadors of the Senior Class and collect feedback and information from classmates about issues important to the Class of 2024; You will act as positive role models for your classmates and underclassmen.; You will participate in class social and service activities as well as fundraising (if necessary) and you will encourage participation by other classmates; You will promote a sense of unity and spirit throughout your class.; Finally, Board members will plan, organize, prepare, and promote class events and Graduation. I hope to receive your application to join SAB:) 

    If you have any questions, come and see Mrs. Rouse in room 605 before or after school. Thanks:)

    Application - Click Here


    Update 8/22/2023

    Hello Seniors- Class of 2024 - WOOHOO- You Made IT to Senior Year- Finally;)

    Mrs. Gonzales, Mrs.Hedgepeth, Mrs. Reid, and me, Mrs. Rebecca Rouse- YOUR Senior Class Sponsor, will be posting a lot of information for you to view. 

    1. This is it. This is the year -Senior year! Proms and farewells, but before all that: finals, SATs/ACTs, and for those that can and want to, college applications. When it’s all said and done, you will be starting a new chapter of your life in a new environment, one that we hope challenges you and provides a diverse base of knowledge and people from which to learn and grow. This page is for YOU- the senior class of 2024. Be sure you are checking this Schoology Page OFTEN! We will also set up a Remind account, that will have a lot of reminders on it as well, and you can check out the Senior class page on the BRHS website. We are so excited to begin your last year with you. We look forward to an amazing year. Remember, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! 

    Start Strong, Stay Organized- You GOT THIS!!!!:) 

    If you need anything, I am here for your- just come see me in room 605, or email rouser@manateeschools.net, or even Schoology message me:) Thanks!

  • Class of 2024 Senior Sponsor:

     Mrs. Rebecca Rouse


    941-751-8230 ext. 31076

    Room 605


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