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    Our mission is to encourage and develop student passion for career pathways in the Arts and Communication pathways.

    Teachers and students will collaborate with career professionals to gain relevant skills that keep pace with industry trends. 


    Arts and Communications Academy is one of The River’s four nationally accredited academies that students can be involved in. This career focus area is designed to provide students with a creative way to connect artistic expression and everyday life, and help equip them to channel information experiences and ideas into a strong expressive voice. It is also a place where students will explore careers involving communication with the public through writing, reporting, and various forms of media including radio, film, newspaper, magazine, television, or computers. 

    Classes from this academy give our student’s real job experiences that will make it easier later down the road. Arts and Communication focuses on the creative students and allow them to display this quality. Communication is used in all aspects of life and in every job, so it is important for students to become experts in this field, and by being involved in this academy they can do just that.

    The Arts and Communications Academy hosts the Braden River High School Annual Film Festival. In the film festival, students can choose from various categories and make their own video, individually or in a group. These videos are rated by the specific teachers and the top ones are played in front of the whole school at the festival. Mrs. Toole-Plummer chooses judges from inside the school and around the community to come and watch, and they decide who the winners of each category are. The winners do get prizes, but everyone is honored by displaying their creativity and skills that they learned from the Arts and Communications Academy to the entire school.

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