School Counseling

  • Ms. TitleyWelcome!

    Our school counseling program is based on the principle of nurturing our children and helping them become fully functioning contributing members of our school, the community and eventually our society. School counselors are concerned with the students’ total development: intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially. The two counselors, along with our support staff, and with the support of our administrative team and community partners; advocate for our students in a variety of personal, social and educational roles. Our responsibility to prepare our children to learn and eventually become leaders in our community and society is met in individual and group settings; and with the many services available through our community partnership programs.

    As advocates for our children, the school counselors help ensure that the students are prepared for the challenges of learning and growing in an increasingly diverse society. Elementary school-aged children face a time of rapid growth, development, and change, which presents unique challenges to them both personally and developmentally that may impact others around them. The school counseling program is designed to assist students not only in preparation for middle school but in achieving the skills and knowledge appropriate for their developmental level.

    Meetings are scheduled on an individual, group, or individual family basis. Through these meetings, the counselors provide a framework for growth development and learning exploration that fosters self-direction, personal motivation and incentive to achieve in all aspects of their young lives. Please call our guidance assistant, Ms. Miriam Delgado, at 941-741-3319 ext. 63067 to schedule a conference.  schedule a conference.

    Helping students reach their fullest potential is our ultimate goal. 

    Andrea Titley-Perez
    School Counselor


    "Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are." ~ John Wooden

  • Florida law requires school districts to incorporate a Character Education curriculum across all grade levels. In order to develop a consistent and coordinated effort which addresses not only state statute, but also meets the unique needs of our district schools, The School District of Manatee County developed the framework known as Character to the Core. The Character to the Core framework at Manatee Elementary is about helping our students learn and practice positive character attributes, which will help them not only do their best, but be their best.

    When we build good character, we build strong communities. In the school community, character development is woven into our programs, practices and interactions. It becomes a way of life. Student success is dependent on a safe, caring and inclusive learning environment where all students feel valued. This starts by teaching our students about the value of character – respecting themselves and each other, making positive contributions to their school and community and thinking critically and creatively.

    But character development is a shared responsibility. Together in our school, and with our families, we must engage and cooperate to encourage student learning and maturing. Together, we can make it happen!