Meet a Teacher Who Changes Lives

  • Meet Ms. Jessica Nunemaker. Ms. Nunemaker was recently recognized by ABC Action News for her passion for teaching and her love for her students. She shares an infectious love for learning and cares deeply about her students, both inside and outside the classroom. Ms Nunemaker was recognized for going above and beyond every day teaching and leaving an impression that is carried over a lifetime.

    Ms. Nunemaker is a Reading Interventionist at Manatee Elementary. The relationship she has with her students in the classroom is unique and special. She is a caring teacher who pushes her students to achieve more than they think they can, while also picking them up when they feel discouraged on the journey.

    Ms. Nunemaker is also an inspiration to her colleagues at Manatee Elementary. As Principal Gonzalez recently said of her, "Ms. Nunemaker is not only an accomplished and caring professional; she is also a great example for all of us at Manatee Elementary."

    Congratulations Ms. Nunemaker!

  • Great teachers emanate out of knowledge, passion and compassion. ~ A. P. J. Abdul Kalam