• About Manatee Elementary

School Mission, Vision, and Purpose

  • Mission

    Manatee Elementary School partners directly with the families and community to focus on consistent attendance, appropriate behavior, academic competencies, whole-child development, engaging enrichment, and comprehensive health.


    Manatee Elementary strives to achieve improved student learning, stronger families, and a healthier community.


    The purpose of Manatee Elementary School is, but is not limited to, the following:

    • To encourage the maximum use of all available community resources to aid students and families
    • To advocate for students and families with the MES attendance boundaries
    • To improve academic performance
    • To increase student attendance rate
    • To support a positive school environment
    • To ensure a safe school environment
    • To ensure that barriers to student learning are addressed
    • To ensure that there is a coordinated network of community partners and stakeholders who continuously participate in the identification, development, and coordination of applicable programs and services for the students of MES
    • To help with the development of resources targeted at students and their families within the MES attendance boundaries
    • To inform the community about the needs of students and their families
    • To promote prevention and early intervention services for students and their families

School Crest

  • Our school’s Crest is representative of the school and its mission and purpose. The Mustang at the top of the Crest represents the school’s mascot. Mustangs are a mythic symbol of freedom, heroism and limitless possibilities. The lamp of learning symbolizes intense study, good works, and a source of intellect. It is representative of the school’s mission to stress learning, academic rigor, and a commitment to instill in our students a love for life-long learning. The Music and Arts symbol is representative of the school’s performing, music, and visual arts program. The torch being carried forward is symbolic of the school’s commitment to teach and instill within our students a dedication to leadership and purpose. The clasped hands at the bottom symbolizes our commitment to partnership with our families and community. It also symbolizes togetherness and love for our neighbors and others. Finally, the bottom of the Crest contains our school logo: Learn, Love, Lead. They are our core values and our commitment to our students and community.


Early History

  • Manatee Elementary School was the county's first school and began in 1913 with a two-story brick building named for Dr. T. M. McDuffie. The school's first teacher was Electa Arcott Lee. A school later built in Bradenton was named in her honor. The second building, named for Dr. John James Pelot, was erected in 1926. A proper cafeteria was built in 1956. By 1972 - 1973 there were 800 students in the two buildings. The opening of Wakeland Elementary in 1984 relieved some overcrowding. In 1984, under principal Ozell Ackerman, a graduate of Florida A.& M., Manatee Elementary was the county's last neighborhood school with nearly all 380 students living within two miles of the Mr. Ackermanschool. Mr. Ackerman began his term in 1978 and the school's auditorium is named in his honor. Mr. Ackerman worked in the Manatee County School District for 42 years as a Physical Education teacher, an assistant principal, a principal, and even a substitute teacher after retirement. In 2003, Manatee Elementary was the county's first school to require all students to wear school uniforms.

    Manatee El

School Flag

  • The school flag is an important visual element for any school. Our school flag flies proudly in front of the school and keeps up the school spirit during celebrations.