• BRHS’s Physical Education department also falls in the Science Technology and Health Academy. PE is a multi-dimensional program dedicated to helping students explore and enjoy the many aspects of Physical Fitness, Health, Fitness and Athletics. 


    The Braden River High School Physical Education Department is dedicated to the enhancement of physical literacy among BRHS students by delivering high quality educational instruction and supervised physical activity.

    Our Physical Educators will engage our students every day, drawing upon the realms of Motor Skill Acquisition, Healthy Cognitive Development, Holistic Physical Improvement, Interactive Social Skills and Teamwork. Our overriding goal will be to guide our students in the ongoing process of learning and refining a variety of new skills as well as developing an existing knowledge base to participate in lifelong health, fitness and wellness practices.

    STH PE 1

    PE Students Stretch before class to warm up and help prevent injury.

    Our Physical Educators and Coaches all bring a wealth of knowledge, coaching and teaching skills to an interactive and enjoyable student learning experience. Our coaches strive to engage our students by enhancing their health, fitness and physical literacy through a variety of traditional Physical Education activity and skill-based courses like BASKETBALL, TENNIS, SOFTBALL, and VOLLEYBALL.

    In addition to skill based courses, our students can explore a variety of new skills and activities through our INDIVIDUAL and TEAM SPORTS classes. Our department's Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and International Level Weightlifting Coach works with our students over consecutive years with three progressive levels of WEIGHTLIFTING classes. 

    STH PE 2  STH PE 3

    These advanced courses lead to Industry Certifications such as the American Red Cross'  CPR/AED/FIRST AID Certification as well as the NASM PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINER Certification. Many of our Academy students also choose to gain valuable practical experience working with our Certified Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach.

     STH PE 5

    Students in HOPE, pictured above, work on life saving CPR skills to earn certifications in class that prepare students for careers in the Health field.

    The purpose of HOPE is to develop and enhance healthy behaviors that influence lifestyle choices and student health and fitness. HOPE is a graduation requirement for all students. There is a classroom component for the Health portion of this course and is a combination of both Health & Physical Education.

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