Community Service

  • Before you start a community service project, make sure you've read and understand
    the new policy.  Check out these helpful pages if you missed them before.

    New Community Service Requirements
    What activities count toward community service?
    Activities that DON'T count...

     Step 1 - Sign up for updates!

     Join our community service group on Remind101 and I'll let you know when you're project is approved and you can begin work. The community service class code is Coming Soon.

     Step 2 - Complete the pre-approval process.

    Download the Service Approval Request Form.
    Turn in the application to Mrs. Hedgepeth in Student Services.  Please allow 24 hours for processing.  If your project takes place over the summer, please bring the form to the front office during business hours.  You may also email your form to Do not begin your project until it has been approved, or your hours will not  count toward Bright Futures.

     Step 3 - Log your hours and complete the evaluation.  

    Download the Service Log & Evaluation Form. 
    Bring the completed form to Mrs. Hedgepeth  in Student Services at the conclusion of your project.  Remember, the evaluation has to be filled out in order to receive Bright Futures hours.

     "But WAIT!  I'm doing community service as part of a group.  What should I do?"

    Your sponsor will turn in an approval request for the entire group.  The project will be assigned a number. Check with your sponsor for the group code and put it on the top of your log / evaluation sheet.