• Breakfast and Lunch Procedures

    Our school provides breakfast and lunch for any student who chooses to participate. We are excited to announce that breakfast is free again this year for ALL students. Lunch is $2.75 per day.

    Students may choose to bring their lunch from home.  If that is your family’s choice, please follow these guidelines:

    • Please send the needed utensils.
    • Please pack only cardboard or plastic containers (no glass).
    • Please do not pack carbonated beverages, candy, or gum.

    Parents and family members are encouraged to visit school to eat lunch with their children. We have special tables reserved for families and friends in the lunchroom. The courtyard tables are also available for your dining pleasure. If you choose to eat outside, please let our front office clerk know on your way out. We ask that you only take your child away from his or her class to eat with you whether you stay in the lunchroom or go outside to eat. And, of course, your younger children are welcome to come enjoy lunch at school as long as they are supervised by a family member.


    Cafeteria Expectations

    We know that lunchtime is an opportunity for our children to interact with each other and develop appropriate social skills. At the same time, it is important that our lunchroom remain a safe place for everyone. In order to accomplish both of these goals, we have established the following guidelines:


    • Appropriate behavior & conversation
    • Kind words & actions
    • Listen and respond

    Safe Choices

    • Hands & feet to yourself
    • Eat only your own food
    • Whisper voices


    • Stay seated
    • Raise your hand for help
    • Always walk
    • Playing with food is unacceptable
    • Lights out means conversation level zero

    Click here to learn more about the SDMC Food and Nutrition program. Information about cafeteria payments, breakfast/lunch menus, free/reduced meal applications, and more can be found here.